Vital Stats:        6’0” x 20 ½” x 2 7/16 ”
Volume:             29.4 Ltrs
Nose Rocker:    4”
Tail Rocker:       2 ½”
Nose width:      13 5/8”
Tail Width:         14 15/16”
Contours:          Bonzer
Rails:                 60/40
Fin Set up:        5 fin
Tail:                   Diamond

The Bonzer was a revolutionary design concept by Malcolm and Duncan Campbell in the 1970’s.  The Campbell brothers have spent the last 45 years developing and refining this design which became the archetype for the modern shortboard.  The Bonzer was the first surfboard to use a three fin system and single to double concave bottom contour.

The primary concept of the design is to efficiently organise water flow. The hourglass shaped single to deep double concave redirect water flowing across the board towards the tail squeezing it from an area of high pressure to low pressure.  By capturing this potentially wasted energy and redirecting it through the tail you maximise the force that is generated during turns and increase velocity.

The side fins are essentially an extension of the bottom concave. Whilst turning, the heavy cant means the inside fins are fairly vertical in the water creating fine edge control.  The outside fins with their large base area also deflect the water flowing across the bottom of the board when turning out through the tail. The shallow depth and the steep cant of the side fins also allow them to engage and disengage with little resistance making rail to rail turns easier.  As the Campbell brothers put it "you put less energy and effort in and get more out".


You build it - $ 2200     

We build it -  $2400