Vital Stats:        6’3” x 19½” x 2 7/16”
Volume:             29.8 Ltrs
Nose Rocker:    5 ½”
Tail Rocker:        2 ½”
Nose width:       10 5/16”
Tail Width:         14 7/16”
Contours:          Single to Double with Vee
Rails:                 60/40 Downturned
Fin Set up:        5 fin
Tail:                    Squash

The Lorax was designed for Phil who made this board during one of our Build Your Own workshops.  Phil wanted a board to fill a gap in his quiver for when the waves at his local beach break were really pumping.  The result was The Lorax, our most performance orientated shortboard yet.

A performance shortboard in all aspects; a heavy rocker for those late take offs into fast steep waves, downturned rails for bite and hold, a single concave under the front foot for drive and our trusted double concave with vee in the tail for quick pivotal turns.  The 5-fin set up allows you to mix things up and give this board extra versatility in a wide range of conditions.

Named the Lorax in homage to the character from the children’s book by Dr. Seuss. In the book, the Lorax speaks for the trees and warns against the dangers of disrespecting the environment and the perils of corporate greed. A message that resonates deeply within the efforts we make here at Red Leaf.

You build it - $ 2200  

We build it -  $2400