Red Leaf Surfboards was born out of our passion for fine woodworking, surfing and the environment.

We have been surfing for many years and were frustrated with the short lifespan of the foam boards we were riding. We also grew to understand just how toxic and petrochemical dependent the majority of surfboards are today.

As lifelong woodworkers, it struck us that we had the perfect skills and understanding of timber to develop an alternative method of surfboard construction, one that is sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment.

We spent several years developing and testing a hollow core building technique that requires no foam and can encompass all the design features of modern surfboards. Combine this with the use of lightweight timbers and you get performance boards that are strong enough to last a lifetime in the waves.

We take great pride in crafting our boards to the highest standards, so whether you choose a custom board, one from our range or to join us on one of our build your own workshops - you can be sure you will be getting a beautiful board, built to last, full of integrity and soul.


We had this video made to showcase the craftsmanship involved in making one of our hollow wooden surfboards.