Vital Stats:        6’0” x 21” x 2.5”
Volume:             35 Ltrs
Nose Rocker:     3”
Tail Rocker:        2 ¾”
Nose width:      14 11/16”
Tail Width:         15 9/16”
Contours:          Single to Double with Vee
Rails:                 Downturned
Fin Set up:        5 fin
Tail:                   Round

The Baked Bean model is inspired by the short and wide revolution.  We’ve packed in the volume which means you can go shorter than you have thought possible.

The Bean is thick and wide under your chest for efficient paddling, early wave entry and increased wave count. The relaxed rocker, single to double concave and curvy outline helps you fly over the flat spots yet remain loose and maneuverable.

This board is all about fun.  The five fin set up lets you ride it as a quad or a thruster making it adaptable for a wide range of conditions and has been our go to board for a long time now. Cruising, carving or racing down the line, this board has it all.