Vital Stats:        5’8” x 21 ½” x 2 ¾”
Volume:             39 Ltrs
Nose Rocker:    3 7/16”
Tail Rocker:       1  1/8”
Nose width:      16  11/16”
Tail Width:        17”
Contours:         Flat
Rails:                 Soft
Fin Set up:        Twin
Tail:                    Fish

This Classic Fish draws it's inspiration from the boards that emerged from the shortboard revolution of the late 1960’s. Designed to maximise fun on those softer summer swells, the high volume, low rocker and flat bottom make paddling a breeze, get you into waves nice and early and generate tons of speed.  The deep swallow tail, soft full rails and the twin fin set up combine to offer a lovely loose feel with heaps of maneuverability, scooting around with ease.

The Retro Fish will keep you smiling on those days when conditions let you down and is an absolute blast when the waves turn on and the power is ramped up.