Dimensions:       7’4” x 23” x 3”
Volume:              58.5 Ltrs
Nose Rocker:     3 ½”
Tail Rocker:        2 ¾”  
Nose Width:       18 1/8”
Tail Width:          15 3/8”
Contours:           Convex to Single concave to Double with Vee
Rails:                  60/40 Downturned
Fins:                   2 + 1
Tail:                    Rounded Pin

The Phoenix is our take on a Magic Carpet surfboard which is in essence, a longboard with the central 2 ft removed. This creates a board that paddles and catches waves like a longboard but turns tighter and quicker.  

The Phoenix was developed for Cam who built this board with us on our first Build Your Own workshop.  A great board for short boarders looking to inject some trim and glide into their surfing and for longboarders looking for something more maneuverable.

This design incorporates a wide template, plenty of volume and a relaxed rocker for easy paddling and a high wave count.  A belly in the nose helps with the relaxed rocker and displaces the water on take-off to avoid pearling.  This flows into a single concave to give lift and drive under the front foot, which then splits into a double concave with vee out through the tail. This vee aids rail to tail turns while the double concave keeps the rail locked into the face on the steeper wave sections.

The Phoenix can be ridden as a single fin or set up as a 2 + 1 to add variety and help out in bigger surf.

We named this board The Phoenix as the first one we made was out of Paulownia.  Paulownia is sometimes known as the Phoenix tree as it has the ability regrow from its root stock after harvesting, born again like a Phoenix out of the ashes.