Vital Stats:        9’1” x 22” x 2 ¾”
Volume:             77Ltrs
Nose Rocker:     3 7/8”
Tail Rocker:        2 ¾ ”
Nose width:       18”
Tail Width:          14 ½”
Contours:           Concave nose to Flat to Vee tail
Rails:                  60/40 Downturned
Fin Set up:         2 + 1.
Tail:                    Rounded Pin

The Rocket was designed to be versatile, a true all-rounder this board has it all from nose rides and trim to carving turns.
The concave in the nose helps provide lift for nose riding, whilst a vee bottom running through the rounded pin tail combines with the curvy outline for great turning.  A bit of extra weight from the wooden construction gives this board great momentum and drive, whilst the thinned out foil and downturned rails allows for performance surfing in faster hollower waves.  A 2 + 1 fin set up provide extra versatility making this board a great choice for any surfer looking for fun in a wide variety of waves.