Come and join us for a day in the workshop creating your own bodysurfing handplane.

We will provide you with all the materials, tools and guidance you need to create your own personal handplane. You’ll learn how to …

  • cut out the template

  • shape the rails

  • foil the blank

  • apply the hand strap

    We will give you some of our preferred finish blended from natural oils and waxes required to waterproof your handplane ready for it’s first dip in the ocean.

All our handplanes are made from sustainably grown New Zealand Paulownia and reclaimed timbers and coupled with the natural finish this makes them super eco friendly.

Body surfing is the perfect way to enjoy just being in the ocean. Handplanes turn your leading hand into a larger planing surface. This gives you drive and control along the wave. allowing you to control your position and maximise the length of the ride.

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Price $250


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