Our Workshops are run over a period of five days and we provide you with all the tools, materials and guidance needed to create your own hollow wooden surfboard.  At the end of the week you will have a finished board ready for glassing.  We will glass it for you using our preferred epoxy bio resin.  You can then either pick it up from us a couple of weeks later, or we will arrange to get it delivered to you.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Glue internal frame to bottom skin

Day 2: Building rails

Day 3: Finishing rails and gluing the deck on

Day 4: Start shaping

Day 5: Complete shaping


  • Mini Simmons - $2450

  • Fish - $2450

  • Lone Wolf - $2500

  • Bean $2500

  • Mini Phoenix - $2500

  • Phoenix - $2600

  • Lumberjack - $2700

  • Rocket - $2700

  • Noserider - 2750

So if you fancy joining us on one of our ‘Build Your Own’ workshops drop us a line using the form and let us know which workshop you are interested in or any other inquiry you have.

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